Last media musings of 2013

Dec 31, 2013

Have you heard? A Chinese recycling tycoon says he wants to buy the New York Times. "News you can reuse?" quipped journalist John Cushman. "'There's nothing that can't be bought for the right price,' says Chinese millionaire who wants to buy @nytimes," freelance journalist Adrienne LaFrance quoted from the piece. And at what price would the Sulzbergers sell the Times to a seller of "clean air" cannisters, we wonder?

And The Mail Online is at it again, with a tale of two Kims -- this time, comparing skiing photos of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un and that other Kim of the Kardashian variety. "Jealous of this story angle: the two Kims (Kardashian and Jong-un) go skiing in 'two carefully managed photocalls,'" National Post's Shinan Govani shared. Daily Mail's Emma Dunkley ran with it: "Both the Kims go skiing.... in fur! Who's more fashionable: Kardashian, or North Korean dictator?" But Vocativ's Emily Levy wondered, "Who decided this was a good idea?"

Still, we think The Independent's Felicity Morse did the best job skewering this travesty of journalism: "Putting together comparison piece on Robert Mugabe and Robert Pattinson (but who REALLY has the thickest eyebrows?)"

But, wait. There's more. National daily Dutch morning newspaper de Volkskrant (literally, "the people's paper") published a comparison of publicity photos issued of the North Korean Leader and American president Barack Obama. "Brilliant. The surprisingly similar propaganda pics of Barack Obama and Kim Jong-un," remarked Mark MacKinnon at Globe and Mail.

Plus, English programmer and Y Combinator co-founder Paul Graham just published a blog about what he did (and didn’t) say during his controversial interview with The Information. So, did he really say women can't be hackers? Believe it or not, most of this debate revolves around The Information's omission of Graham's word "these." Editor-in-chief Jessica Lessin made a personal response. "Why I cut 'these' - because it didn't refer to anything in my view. You can decide," Lessin tweeted. "FWIW, @theinformation's cut of 'these' is grammatically defensible, but does change the tenor of @paulg's sentence," Technology Review's Jason Pontin posited.

And then in a macabre sort of "Where's Waldo," it may have blended in at first, but looking at this image it soon becomes unmistakably clear: a dead frog was found in Pret A Manger salad, and the media jumped all over it. "Unfortunate for Pret the customer who found a frog in her salad worked at WSJ," observed Jennifer Saba at Reuters

Even more distressingly, allegedly a journalist disguised as priest tried to enter retired German racing driver Michael Schumacher's hospital room. The Guardian's Jonathan Haynes called it "shameful."

And finally, welcome to the media, Tim Tebow! "Tim Tebow has a new job! (Not playing football)," explained Will Ripley at 9 News Denver.

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