'Milestone' at Gitmo

The inimitable Guantanamo reporter Carol Rosenberg at The Miami Herald has the story that the last three ethnic Uighur Muslim captives have been released from Gitmo, "ending one of the saddest and longest-running chapters of unlawful detention at the U.S. prison camps in Cuba." Rosenberg also tweeted, "Yes, @ShutGuantanamo. Breaking news story here ... They're in Slovakia, left the base yesterday." First Look Media's Daniel Froomkin tweeted, "Now let's start talking reparations." Charlie Savage at the New York Times called it simply, "History."

And speaking of the NYT Washington correspondent, Savage also had that story. "Story on last Uighurs leaving Gitmo, ending long & (pretty much all sides agree) particularly unfortunate saga," he observed. "So in the end it's Slovakia that saves the Uighurs," Daily Beast's Paula Szuchman mused.

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