First Muck Rack media mash-up of 2014

Today's top story about media is the reforming of AllThingsD as Re/code, which was just revealed by co-executive editor Kara Swisher. "Happy Re/new Year!" added her co-executive editor Walt MossbergGary Nielson with the Charlotte Observer further explained it, "Ex-AllThingsD staff morphs into Re/code #tech site and conference start-up." Seattle Times columnist Monica Guzman admitted she was "Inspired by candid personal ethics statements @karaswisher @waltmossberg wrote for new site."

Plus, six things all journalists need to know about the Defamation Act 2013 (which is now in force). "Main points stemming from the Defamation Act - v helpful for journos in England/Wales," surmised John Glover at Bloomberg News.

In a game called "What's Missing From My Byline?Nicholas Kristof commenced his column in today's New York Times thusly: "If you look closely at my Times byline, beginning with Thursday's column, you'll notice something odd. Well, actually, you probably won't notice it. I've knocked out my middle initial for the new year." Evidently Kristof acquired it while writing in college for The Harvard Crimson, where middle initials were strongly encouraged. "Things that make you say 'nope': 'The middle initial adds a bit of authority and gravitas'," The Guardian's James Ball tweeted. John Gapper at the Financial Times called it, "An outbreak of sanity from Nick Kristof."

Then there was this bit of hilarity on Twitter: A year of failed handshakes for French president Francois Hollande. "There should be a Tumblr called Nobody Wants to Shake Francois Hollande's Hand," joked freelance journalist Ed Yong. "You might imagine an ability to shake hands was an entry level requirement for being a politician. Apparently not," observed The Economist's Oliver Morton

There was also this letter in the FT this morning that's worth a smile. "For the love of a comma," quipped Debbie Carlson at Kitco News.


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