Media matters

For more confessionals, New York Times columnist David Brooks writes Weed - Been There. Done That. in today’s paper. Miguel Helft at Fortune wrote, “In which David Brooks discusses the end of Prohibition.” Abbe Wright at O: The Oprah Magazine said, “David Brooks was a stoner at Radnor HS, then gave it up to pursue ‘higher pleasures’ like becoming lame and boring.” Freelancer Roberta Bernstein added, “Would like to make cogent argument about why David Brooks is an asshole, but am too stoned and busy frolicking.”

In the post Author of The Book of Woe, you can allegedly meet one of the former friends who “smoked pot with David Brooks.” Anne Cronin at Politico wrote, “From the ‘full-on stoner’ friend.” David Kenner at Foreign Policy Magazine said, “This steps all over my ‘I Met David Brooks in the Weekly Standard Offices and Made Small Talk’ blog post.” Farhad Manjoo at the Wall Street Journal added, “I told you media is better than ever now. You wouldn't have seen this before.”

For one more piece of media speculation, the New York Times’s Ravi Somaiya shares that Ezra Klein Is Said to Plan to Leave Washington Post. Gabriel Arana at The American Prospect said, “@washingtonpost foolish for not getting behind @ezraklein venture.” Brian Hickey at Deadspin wrote, “Today In Strong, Definitive Headlines…” Timothy Noah from MSNBC added, “Is ‘on vacation in San Francisco’ new euphemism for ‘meeting with venture capitalists on Sand Hill Road’?”

And don’t forget to look at @elongreen’s tweet: “This, from 1922, is the greatest headline in the history of @nytimes, or any other paper.”

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