Snow day!

Jan 03, 2014

If you’re on the East Coast or the Midwest, you know about the snowstorm (a blizzard called Hercules) that came through last night. If you live anywhere else, enjoy the sunshine.

Even with all the flurries blowing around in Manhattan, Eater found out that New Yorkers Endure Freezing Cold for Novelty Pastry. We think it’s more likely that “New Yorkers” here means “people who happen to be in New York right now” (read: tourists) than “people who live here” but suppose anything’s possible (like cronuts being these people’s bread and milk). Jordan Zakarin at BuzzFeed said, “Three days into the de Blasio era, and rich people are being made to wait in freezing cold food lines.” Seth Fiegerman at Mashable believes “This bakery should close today as a public service to stop people from killing themselves waiting in line for cronuts.” Ryan Gorman at the Daily Mail called the whole thing, “Absurd.”

New New York first lady Chirlane McCray tweeted this photo with the caption: “What Dante will be doing if he does not go to school tomorrow.” Leslie Albrecht at DNAinfo wondered, “Was Dante snug in bed while Mayor shoveled?” And Leslie Larson at the New York Daily News pointed out, “I thought @Chirlane said Dante would be doing the honors @joshrobin.”

That’s because Josh had this photo of the The 109th Mayor shovel[ing] his sidewalk. Never saw this on E. 79th folks.” Anupreeta Das from the Wall Street Journal said, “The new mayor! He's just like us!” Maria Aspan at American Banker added, “Rxns to this photo are like Rorschach tests for back-pain survivors.” Apparently de Blasio was doing it wrong? Something about not using his knees.

Likely after seeing that photo of the new mayor, USA Today put together 5 reasons why snow sucks as an adult. To promote the article, @USATODAY tweeted, “Did you like snow days more when you were a kid?” And quite hilariously @GovChristie responded: “Obviously. Is this a real question?”

But if you would still like to remember your inner 7-year-old, turn to WNYC’s handy map of The Best Sledding Hills in New York City. Jody Avirgan there wrote, “‘Check out this map, grab a sled, and get after it people.’ - Mayor de Blasio (approximate quote).” Colleague Leonard Lopate pointed out another fun feature: “.@WNYC's Guide to Surviving Snow Storm-Induced Boredom.” Shannon Bond from the Financial Times added, “Not working? Lucky.”

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