Weekend reading

Over on Deadspin, you’ll definitely want to read I Was An NFL Player Until I Was Fired By Two Cowards And A Bigot by Chris Kluwe, a former punter for the Minnesota Vikings. Dan Bernstein at CBS Chicago wrote, “@ChrisWarcraft is a good person. Zygi Wilf needs to examine how and why such a mensch had no place in his employ.” Justin Wolfers said, “This Chris Kluwe thing seems like a big deal.” Michael O'Connell at The Hollywood Reporter called it a “Delayed KABOOM.”

The Washington Post’s Steven Rich tells us the NSA seeks to build quantum computer that could crack most types of encryption. Raphael Satter at the Associated Press said, “The NSA is developing a code-cracking quantum computer.” Chris Young from the Center for Public Integrity added, “If you can understand past the fifth graf of today's #NSA story, give yourself a pat on the back.”

Since Netflix is likely how you’re all spending this blessed snow day (if you’re at home, that is), read Alexis Madrigal’s piece in The Atlantic on How Netflix Reverse Engineered Hollywood. Rachel Hatzipanagos at Patch.com said it’s an  “Interesting look at the @netflix personalization. Tho lately, I'm not getting as many bizarre categories as before.” Jon Fine said, “Amazing @alexismadrigal piece deconstructs Netflix's recommendations engine. Huge implications for storytelling.” Joan E. Solsman at CNET added, “A fun meandering stroll through Netflix micro genres. The Gonzo generator is too much fun.”

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