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Jan 06, 2014

Sure enough, it’s been discovered that the North Korean execution by dog story likely came from satire. Barry Malone at Al Jazeera English wrote: “The provenance of *that* North Korea ‘execution by dog’ story --> looks likely came from Chinese satire.”

The Guardian also wrote that the Story about Kim Jong-un's uncle being fed to dogs originated with a satirist. Freelancer Andrew Mueller said, “Unsurprisingly, the ‘Kim's uncle eaten by dogs’ story turns out to have been of the too-good-to-check variety.” Stewart Maclean with ITV News wonders if this is “A victory for churnalism?” Liliana Segura at First Look Media added, “Not where I expected this to go: ‘The media mixup comes amid former NBA superstar Dennis Rodman's continuing efforts.’”

Stay with the Guardian for another story, one that we definitely hope isn’t fake: Rescuers use olive oil to extract naked man from washing machine. Matt Turner at the Wall Street Journal called this “The BIG story of today.” Gaby Hinsliff from Grazia said, “Today's best story tho: firefighters free man trapped in washing machine after hiding there 'to surprise wife.’” Peter Bradshaw at the Guardian had other thoughts: “Could it be the naked man is not entirely candid about why he was there?”

Andy Newman writes about the Extreme Weather in New York Today for the New York Times. Kerri MacDonald there wrote, “What to wear? ‘Muckboots, headlamp & windbreaker in the morning, crampons & faux-wolverine-lined anorak for evening,’” Lisa Tozzi at BuzzFeed added, “Change is good, but do we really want the temperature to drop 48 degrees in one day?”

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