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Jan 06, 2014

Maggie Haberman at Politico lets us in on Hillary Clinton's shadow campaign. She also added: “Some past @HillaryClinton ventures, most visibly the 2008 but not only that, have been stews of dysfunction.” Ryu Spaeth from The Week Magazine tweeted from the story: “If you wonder whether Clintonworld has learned from 2008, look no further than the work of Ready for Hillary.” Don Champion at CBS New York said it’s a “Very interesting read... Countdown to 2016 already on.”

Stay on Washington to read about The Agony of Frank Luntz from Molly Ball in The Atlantic. James Rainey at the LA Times wrote, “The Atlantic's @mollyesque has fun read on pollster @FrankLuntz, his dismay w@BarackObama and Americans.” Susan Delacourt with the Toronto Star said, “Whoa. Frank Luntz is deeply depressed by what he knows about the state of the U.S. citizenry.” Hugo Lindgren tweeted from the article: “‘'I don't know shit about anything, w the exception of what the American people think.’ Frank Luntz, always good copy.”

Catch Evelyn Rusli profile’s in the Wall Street Journal: Profitable Learning Curve for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Tracy Corrigan there said, “Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's quest for the right balance between reader engagement and higher ad revenue.” Matt Levine at Bloomberg News tweeted: “‘Wouldn't it be fun to build a billion-dollar business in six months?’ asks boss. ‘No,’ thinks employee. Seems right.” Kevin Roose from New York Magazine added, “Interesting that Sheryl Sandberg isn’t mentioned at all in this story about FB’s revenue growth. Too busy leaning in?”

And for a media move that actually surprised us, Michael Calderone at Huffington Post writes that The Atlantic's Garance Franke-Ruta is Joining Yahoo News. Calderone added, “Big morning for Yahoo News news: First @thegarance Now @dklaidman” Hunter Walker at Talking Points Memo tweeted: “Mazel tov to @thegarance on the move to Yahoo!” Josh Sternberg at Digiday gave the move some perspective: “Yahoo's been making big moves on content side. Is it paying off?”

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