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Jan 07, 2014

First up, Michael Bay's meltdown, via The Verge. Well, Bay's not exactly in the media, but he works with the media of sight and sound, and this is a popular story in the Muck Rack newsroom, so we're leading with it! Apparently the action director made an appearance at CES to discuss Samsung's new curved HDTVs. Unfortunately for Bay, and sadly for Samsung's brand, its teleprompters malfunctioned, causing Bay to spontaneously combust. So to speak. As usual, this inspired all sorts of reactions, which made it hard for us to pick just one. So here's a bunch!

  • "So, Michael Bay, what do you like about your job?" *Gulps, walks off stage* -  Richard Moynihan with Metro UK
  • "More of a freeze-up than a melt-down," argued Ron Wadden with the National Post
  • Verge editor-in-chief Joshua Topolsky had an appeal: "I can’t quite explain it, but if you click on this link, @samsheffer will get $10. And he needs it, okay?" 
  • "Pro-tip: send Michael Bay drone to get job done next time. No teleprompter needed & it can actually explode at end." - Kashmir Hill at Forbes
  • "Is witnessing exposure of the transparent fakeness of celebrity tech endorsements my favourite thing? I think it is." - Shane Dingman for Globe and Mail
  • "A man with nothing to say." - Frank DiGiacomo with Penske Media
  • "Best comment on Michael Bay/Samsung: 'He walked away from that explosion w/out looking back at it, too. Guy’s a pro.' - Jeff Beer at Fast Company
  • "On second view, unclear whether Michael Bay walks because of teleprompter, or because he suddenly remembers dignity." - Tom Gara with WSJ

That forced Bay's hand, of course, so he took to his personal blog to explain himself. "Michael Bay issues press release about something no one is talking about," sneered Matthew Panzarino with TechCrunchAdam Richter at Reading Eagle confided, "I hate myself for clicking this link."

And since we're already on the subject of media, let's delve into entertainment, where the top story is that after an in-depth search for the right actress, Sasheer Zamata has joined Saturday Night Live, becoming the first black female cast member in five years to join SNL since Maya Rudolph left. It's a welcome move, but still left CNN anchor Don Lemon asking, "SNL finally hires black, female cast member. Why does this still happen in this age of #diversity?"

Back to news media, a visit with jailed Al Jazeera correspondent finds him healthy but confused and haggard. "His continued detention is a disgrace #Egypt," freelance journalist Mona Eltahawy admonished. CNN's Mohammed Jamjoom tweeted simply, "My friend&colleague, journalist Mohamed Fahmy (@Repent11)-jailed in #Egypt for doing his job. He should be released."

Moving over to social media, Margaret Sullivan with the New York Times wonders, When a (Partial) Tweet Becomes an Ad, What Are the Rules? Also from the Times, "if a tweet worked once, send it again" - and other lessons from NYT's social media desk.

Also, for some reason we're supposed to care about thisMarcus Baram at International Business Times sums it up: "A 10-year-old boy tells the NY Post that Eliot Spitzer was sucking the toes of his topless mistress in a hot tub." Lauren Tara with Reuters moaned, "I can't even tweet this headline, that's how bad it is." Stefan Becket with New York Magazine pleaded, "Omg someone stop this newspaper."

Plus, typo of the week goes to The Guardian this week. You'll see why.

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