Like our headline for this one? Based on everyone's tweets, the current must be worse than Snowmageddon or Snowma-whatever, so we thought we'd smash them all together. Let's make it happen, guys.

On that note, Major Garrett with CBS News snares the honor of being the latest journalist to share a viral photo of the snowstorm's results. Nathaniel Cary with Greenville News seemed stunned enough: "This pic from @MajorCBS of frozen cars on the Chicago shoreline is incredible." Steve Kovach with Business Insider protested, "Hoax. This photo is from the Ice Age." Click on over to see for yourself.

And stop us if you've heard this one: Buzzfeed informs us a whole bunch of people threw boiling water in the air to watch it freeze (and, spoiler alert: they ended up burning themselves). We all knew this would happen, everyone. If you're going to insist on doing it, though, when you record, would you remember to turn your phone sideways so the video is horizontal?


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