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Elsewhere in media, The Onion gives us a glimpse into our own world with Media Company Looking For Ways To Get Rid Of Veteran 24-Year-Old Employee. Edmund Tadros from Australian Financial Review wrote, “Ouch.” Derek Slater at Enterprise IT Group shared the sentiment: “Ouch :)” Yara Bayoumy at Reuters called it, “Prophetic.” Sunny Freeman with Huffington Post admitted it, “Definitely rings some bells.” Andrew Katz at Time Magazine thinks they “Nailed it.”

Meanwhile, Chris Taylor at Mashable found out that a Newspaper will Put All Reporters Through Social Media Boot Camp. That paper is the San Francisco Chronicle. Karen Beninato from Forbes share this bit from the piece: “"In a plush office procured from paper's Food & Wine section, journalists will undergo 2 months of rigorous training.” Diana McCabe at U-T San Diego thinks it’s “Better late than never.” Mathew Ingram at GigaOM called it a “Recipe for disaster.” Farhad Manjoo at the Wall Street Journal focused on a different piece of info in that article: “The SF Chronicle has a 95-year-old science editor?! Who is she/he? I'd like that story, please.”

Related, BuzzFeed’s Charlie Warzel shares: I Nuked My Twitter Feed And You Should Too. He tweeted: “It took me basically 4 hours to unfollow 1800-odd twitter accounts but it was totally worth every minute.” Colleague Peter Lauria wrote, “Seems @cwarzel and I are kindred spirits..I rebuild my Twitter follows every few months..always keep to 600 or so.” Jonathan Poet at the Associated Press said, “The essay is kind of dumb, but I enjoyed this: ‘At one point I ended up at Yahoo’s homepage earnestly seeking news.’” On a personal note, we recently dropped 950 tweeps off the following list and it’s made life that much better.

And there’s news this morning that John Allen, legendary Vatican reporter, will join The Boston Globe. Jay Rosen wrote, “This is intriguing: ‘The very real possibility of launching a free-standing publication devoted to Catholicism...’” Jason Pontin at Technology Review said, “Boston Globe hires John Allen, the English language's best Vatican reporter, away from his perch at @NCRonline.”

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