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First up, he's baaaack: Chinese tycoon Chen Guangbiao has now revealed an interest in buying the Wall Street Journal after his failed bid for the NYT. Yuck it up, guys, but, "This guy is gonna end up buying some paper somewhere, you realize?" Globe and Mail's Doug Saunders warned. "'I am very good at working with Jews,' says Chen Guangbiao. Maybe put that on your business card?" Adam Pasick at Quartz helpfully suggested.

And thanks to Adam Taylor with Business Insider, we do in fact know what's actually on Chen's business card. It includes lofty if debatable titles such as "Most Charismatic Philanthropist of China" and "China Moral Leader." Unleash the derisive tweets!

  • HuffPo's Alana Horowitz joked, "He's rescued people from earthquakes while keeping a low carbon footprint. He IS the most interesting man in China." 
  • Ben Eisen at MarketWatch resolved, "Adding 'earthquake rescue hero' to my business card too."
  • At the NYT, Nicholas Kristof tweeted hopefully, "If Chen Guangbiao buys the NY Times, maybe we'll all get business cards like his." 
  • Mathew Ingram with GigaOm dubbed him, "China's Donald Trump."
  • Also at BI, Steven Perlberg concluded, "Dude would OWN that scene in American Pyscho."

And over in the entertainment section, the Coachella line-up is out, and they want you to share it like a Polaroid picture. Get it? (Outkast is playing).

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