Featured journalist: Vickery Eckhoff

Jan 10, 2014

Today's featured journalist is Vickery Eckhoff, a contributor with Forbes. In just a few words, Eckhoff describes herself thusly: "Fact-obsessed and creative: c'est moi." It's a mantra that comes in handy, now that she covers a part of politics few people like to think about: the horse meat trade.

Eckhoff started writing about this controversial subject in November, 2011. Since then, she's published 15 articles about it on Forbes.com, the Huffington Post and in Newsweek. As part of that effort, she's interviewed Dr. Temple Grandin, U.S. lawmakers, USDA veterinarians, cowboys, chefs, doctors, horse trainers, kill buyers, people who’ve had slaughter plants in their towns as well as members of Parliament. As a reward for her hard work, she's heard from legislators who've handed her work out to colleagues and small town mayors who used it to petition their state lawmakers.

Eckhoff professes to love many topics, though: food, fashion,travel, technology and economic development are just a few of them. Her writing on each of these subjects has appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker, Esquire, Golf Digest, InStyle and Vogue.

"By far, though, the predatory practices of the horse industry (including horse racing) and horse slaughter (including protected wild horses) are the most interesting, dirty, gruesome and misunderstood political topics I've come across in years," she writes. Meanwhile, the story she's most proud of writing: Texas Mayor Paula Bacon Kicks Some (Horse Slaughter) Tail. You won't regret perusing the rest of her Muck Rack portfolio, either, which offers headlines that beckon for a closer read, such as "How Many Congressmen Does It Take To Screw A Horse?" or "Racing Industry Silent About Slaughtered Thoroughbreds" or even "Is Your K-Y Jelly Cruelty-Free? ... Do You Care?" With a subject like this one, if you don't end up reading one or all of those articles, we'd be very surprised.

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