More trouble for Target

Target says data stolen from 70 million customers according to Hadley Malcolm at USA Today. @USATODAY added: “@Target just tweeted: We are offering 1 year of free credit monitoring, ID theft protection to ALL guests.” Kate Martin from Tacoma News Tribune wrote, “Ruh roh, Target customers. Looks like the hackers got more personal information than you thought.” John Abell at LinkedIn said, “Ugh. Target can't afford to drop any more shoes.”

You can also follow the news on CNBC Target: Stolen information in data breach involved up to 70 million individuals. David Nelson from KWQC-TV said, “Target's now 70M customer data breach makes it the largest credit card data breach in US history.”

And here is the retailer’s blandly titled official press release: Target Provides Update on Data Breach and Financial Performance. Irving DeJohn from the New York Daily News said, “Read full statement on @Target data breach, which has now ballooned to 70 Mil customers.” Freelancer Micheline Maynard added, “70 million, up from 40 million.” Josh Sternberg at Digiday added, “Will data breach at Target (now up to 70 million affected) hurt sales?”

Indeed, something called A Bullseye View writes: Target to Offer Free Credit Monitoring to All Guests. Josh Farley from Kitsap Sun confirmed, “@Target says it will give free credit monitoring, identity theft protection to its shoppers in wake of data breach.”

And for one more bit of business news, Bill Flook at Biz Journal got the exclusive that LivingSocial CEO Tim O'Shaughnessy to step down. Flook pointed out: “After O'Shaughnessy steps down this year , only one of the founding team will be left at @LivingSocial.”

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