The good, the bad, and the internet

Jan 10, 2014

A Twitter account called @RobSamCreatives posted a photo with the caption: “This is why I love Reddit.” Sunny Hundal at the Guardian explained, “David Attenborough does an AMA (AskMeAnything) on Reddit. This happens…” Danielle Tcholakian from Metro New York exclained, “Ahh what this is so good.”

For more internet fun, Slate’s Chris Kirk took a bit of time to make us The Chen Guangbiao Business-Card Generator. Tim Gatt at ITV News wrote, “Great idea by @slate: create your own OTT billionaire business card like Cheng Guangbia.”  Naturally, our friends around the web ran with it so here’s what some of them got:

  • Elias Makos, CTV News: “Trustiest Meme Tracker”
  • Adam Minter, Freelancer: "Shanghai's Fastest Soul Healer”
  • Charles Riley, CNN: "Most Flamboyant Panda Euthanizer”
  • Kristie Stout, CNN: "Certified Top Quality Windsurfing Analyst of CNN International"
  • Malcolm Moore, Telegraph: "Most Congenial Big Tipper”

We’ll leave you this week with the following from Talking Points Memo: Let’s Be Real: Online Harassment Isn’t ‘Virtual’ For Women. Garance Franke-Ruta tweeted: “Wow. This piece from @JillFilipovic.” Nisha Chittal at MSNBC called it, “Such a powerful & important piece.” Andrea Swalec from DNAinfo had another word for it: “Terrifying.” Jamelle Bouie at the Daily Beast added, “This is the definition of a must read.” Shane Ferro at Reuters admitted, “I'm getting a little bit uncomfortable with the creeping idea that women on the internet universally attract stalkers.” Matthew Yglesias from Slate shared from the article: “How many stories weren’t written because the women who could best tell them were too afraid?” Philip Bump at The Atlantic Wire added, “This is powerful and terrifying, and I worry it emboldens the sort of people that it expose.”

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