Media Mondays

In The Atlantic, Megan Garber covers Live-Tweeting One's Suffering. Freelancer David Dobbs tweeted, “.@megangarber asks who's making what of @AdamsLisa's cancer - & to what end.” Freelancer Micheline Maynard declared, “There's no right or wrong here - your tweets are your call.” Fellow freelancer John McGrath added, “Apparently high enough in the newspaper food chain you lose the part of your brain that tells you to keep quiet.”

For a closer look at how we use media, Annie Lowrey writes that MTV’s ‘16 and Pregnant,’ Derided by Some, May Resonate as a Cautionary Tale in the New York Times. Suzy Khimm at MSNBC explained, “Study suggests MTV's ‘16 and Pregnan’ reduced teenage pregnancy nationwide by almost 6 percent.” Jessica Valenti at The Nation said, “Fascinated by this report on 16 & Pregnant - wonder how the show impacted abortion rates.” Freelancer Torey Van Oot called the whole thing, “The Teen Mom effect.”

Though most of the tweets from last night’s Golden Globes had died down by morning, this Twitter photo was still being passed around. Amanda Lucci pointed out that “this is in no way a FUN fact.” Sam Thielman at Ad Week wrote, “You know, it's actually not as fun as advertised.” Craig Pittman at the Tampa Bay Times explained, “The E! network has a different definition of ‘Fun Facts’ from the rest of the universe.” Andrew Katz at Time Magazine summed it up: “That's bad. Heard the intern get fired all the way from New York.”

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