More trouble in Christie's Jersey paradise

In light of all the news about him this week, NPR’s pop culture bog writes about Chris Christie and Pulling The Red Handle. Lars Gotrich there said, “Constantly reminded that I work in the vicinity of brilliant, honest minds.” Alan Sepinwall with tweeted: “.@nprmonkeysee is a great, and brave, writer.” Kat Kinsman from CNN called it, “A must-read from @nprmonkeysee on the topics of Chris Christie, fat jokes & the ‘red handle’ we all have.”

The Wall Street Journal looked further into those staff emails and found that the Christie Administration Canceled Meetings After Mayor Didn't Endorse. Alex Burns at Politico said, “Ft. Lee's Sokolich was never gonna be a statewide candidate anyway. Fulop, on the other hand…” Motoko Rich at the New York Times called it, “A pattern.” Lori Spechler with CNBC have another phrase for the situation: “The Appalachian Trail of docs.”

In Capital New York, Joe Pompeo covers Blurred lanes: The Journal really owned the Christie story. Dan Vock from Stateline explained, “Another Bridgegate controversy: Which paper ‘owned’ the story: the Record or WSJ? Sounds like good competition to me.” Matt Pearce from the LA Times said, “Behold, the least interesting subgenre of journalism.” Hunter Walker at Talking Points Memo agreed: “Push to credit a single outlet with ‘breaking’ #Bridgegate that I've seen on Maddow, Twitter, and now Capitol is dumb.”

And just when you thought it wasn’t going to get any worse, Chris Frates at CNN writes that Feds are now investigating Christie's use of Sandy relief funds. Doc Washburn at WBT Charlotte said, “Too bad no one's interested in his connections to jihadists.” Sherman Frederick at the Las Vegas Review-Journal wrote, “Gov. Cristie improperly used Sandy relief funds for re-election? Doh!” Ron Fournier from National Journal declared: “This is not good.” Benjy Sarlin with MSNBC agreed: “Bad news for Christie. On the other hand, it's not like he'd be the first governor to shoehorn himself into an ad.” Larry Elder at KABC Los Angeles added: “Guess he didn't hug Obama tightly enough.”

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