Headlines to heed

First of all, lest ye believe otherwise, PewResearch sets the story straight that the Christie debacle has actually attracted little public interest. Michael O'Brien at NBC News broke it down for us, number by number: "6% have a more favorable opinion of Christie after BridgeGate, 16% less favorable ... 60% unchanged." Rachel Stassen-Berger at the Minneapolis StarTribune further explained, "Last week, people were thinking the cold, the economy&unemployment more than Christie, Gates or Iraq." But freelance journalist John McQuaid wondered, "Is it surprising or politically significant that Americans care more about the weather than GW Bridge lane closings?" DNAinfo's Nikhita Venugopal posited, "To be fair, it was very cold."

In worse news that even fewer may know, BBC News reports that scores have just died while fleeing South Sudan fighting. "Over 200 civilians in #SouthSudan have drowned in a Nile ferry accident while fleeing fighting in #Malakal," Rachael Akidi there elaborated.

Meanwhile, an exclusive get from Reuters reveals that, the Muslim Brotherhood seemingly crushed, Egypt has set its sights on Hamas. "So the Egyptian military is about to launch Tahrir-style protests against Hamas in Gaza? Cheeky," HuffPo's Joshua Hersh concluded. "Remember when the US and Egypt were training M. Dahlan's thugs? Happy days are here again!" Dan Murphy declared in a tweet dripping with sarcasm.

Over at the Guardian, Luke Harding has the story that Russia has expelled US journalist David Satter without explanation. "'I was told my presence was undesirable' - exclusive video with David Satter," Matt Wells there shared. "In further great news for the Olympics, Russia has expelled its first US journalist sine the cold war," colleague and Guardian US EIC Janine Gibson added facetiously.

But to end our trending on a more hopeful note, here's NYT's Jim Yardley and Jason Horowitz on the story of how this pope with the humble touch is firm in reshaping the Vatican. Or is it hopeful? Charles Riley with CNN shared, "'the cardinals will rebel' if Francis turns vacation home into rehab center." CJR's Ryan Chittum also plucked this passage from the piece: “'Another Vatican conservative took offense at Francis’ disdain for elaborate dress.'”

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