Weird, but true

Jan 14, 2014

Britain to Romania: All your doctors are belong to us! (Yes, we had to). From the Financial Times, we learn Romanians despair that wealthy Britain is taking all their doctors. Joshua Chaffin there suggested, "Bucharest brain drain?" Bloomberg's Rebecca Christie was full of praise: "Fascinating stories from @JFK_Europa on Romania-UK migration dynamic."

And believe it or not, the Cubs just got their very first official mascot: say hello to Clark. Per usual, so many amazing responses, which we have ranked in reverse order of brevity:

And from Meredith Shiner at Roll Call, who just used this hashtag: "#ENDTIMES."

Finally, filed under "headlines you wish you'd read in The Onion" (but, alas, it was published without satire in The Atlantic): 2% of Americans think Brian Williams is vice president. Ponder that a bit, will you.

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