Dining section (we’ve got one now)

Robinson Meyer’s piece in the Atlantic covers What Happens When the President Sits Down Next to You at a Cafe. David Meyer at GigaOM tweeted this quote from the story: "Facebook is so uncool even the president of the United States knows it." Mike Isaac with Re/code tweeted: “Holy shitballs — even Obama thinks teens don’t like Facebook anymore.” Matthew Hall at U-T San Diego tweeted: “What's it like to meet @BarackObama at a cafe? Great read by @yayitsrob.” Erika Allen had one more quote from Meye’s piece to share: "I had failed as a journalist, so I went to the bathroom."

There’s more dining news in the New York Times, where you can (and should) read about the elderly New Yorkers Fighting a McDonald’s for the Right to Sit. And Sit. And Sit. Gerry Mullany there called it a “Great Queens tale by @SarahMaslinNir.” Colleague Pedro Rosado admitted, “I absolutely love this story.” John Ruwitch at Reuters explained, “Koreans in NY fight to hang out for hours at a McDonalds. Entertaining story.” Candice Choi from the Associated Press shared still more: “Gang of elderly Koreans defy cops, hang out at McDonald's all day.” Jennifer MacMillan from the Huffington Post called it “The irresistible appeal of McDonalds.” Jennifer O'Mahony with AFP wondered, “Can't they just let them do what they want? They aren't hurting anybody.” Elizabeth Kim at the Stamford Advocate shared, “My dad goes to this McDonald's.”

In another section of the Times, but still dining related, Pete Wells skewers The Bistro at Villard Michel Richard in Midtown. Naturally, everyone pointed out their favorites. John Schwartz there tweeted: “‘If soldiers had killed Escoffier’s family in front of him and then forced him to make dinner’—slashing.” Nic MacBean from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation News called it, “A quite marvellous New York restaurant review - ‘Sauce the color of jarred turkey gravy mixed with cigar ashes.’” Matthew Odam at Austin American-Statesman had more praise, “An excellent & fair negative review.” Adam Goldman at the Washington Post explained it thus: “Famous DC chef runs into buzz saw named @Pete_wells.”

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