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For today's media issues, let's turn to Erik Wemple who writes in the Media talk about Politico’s Mike Allen and Fox News PR. Seems everyone really liked this story cause Frank Rich at New York Magazine called it, “A devastating indictment of Roger Ailes' sway over Politico’s Playbook from the unimpeachable @ErikWemple.” Daniel Froomkin at First Look Media wrote, “Wonderful to watch @ErikWemple keep exposing @mikeallen as a fawning lickspittle, this time for Roger Ailes.” Alana Horowitz at Huffington Post had more praise:  “.@ErikWemple shoots, scores on Mike Allen.” Eddie Scarry at The Blaze put it so, “.@ErikWemple taking the GLOVES. OFF.” Philip Bump at The Atlantic Wire added, “I am curious how much this is a function of Fox News and how much it's just a function of a powerful news network.”

Similarly, head to Huffington Post where Michael Calderone writes Washington Post, Politico Editors To Meet After Bombshell Mike Allen Reports. Calderone explained, “On eve of WaPo/Politico meeting, @mikeallen responded to @erikwemple's criticism: ‘obsessive, anti-Playbook agenda’ and his posts are ‘false and insulting.’” Freelancer John McQuaid tweeted: “Politico bosses head to WaPo to complain about @erikwemple's Mike Allen coverage; it continues.”

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