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Jan 15, 2014

Maria Abi-Habib at the Wall Street Journal reports that European Spies Reach Out to Syria, Bruce Orwall there said, “Syria's hall of mirrors gets even more confusing as European spies meet with Assad. Great story by @Abihabib.” Colleague Matt Bradley called it a “Terrific report.” David Kenner with Foreign Policy Magazine tweeted: “Great scoop by @Abihabib on European intelligence agencies reaching out to Assad on their shared jihadist threat.” Toby Vogel from European Voice explained, “#Spain confirms it shared intelligence on Spanish citizens w/ #Syria regime.” Simone Swink at ABC News added, “.@WSJ: European spy agencies' secret mtgs w/ Assad's delegates to share information on European extremists in Syria.”

More on the international level: Reuters’ sources reveal that a U.N. surveillance drone crashed in the Congo crashes. Freelancer Tristan McConnell wrote, “One of the UN's first-ever surveillance drones has had its first-ever crash.” Bate Felix at Reuters added, “U.N. surveillance Falco drone in #Congo crashes. Drone built by Selex ES, a unit of Italy's Finmeccanica.” Imtiaz Tyab from Al Jazeera English surmised, “Wow. The UN really does nothing right.”

And a little closer to home, David Sanger at the New York Times writes that N.S.A. Devises Radio Pathway Into Computers. Paul Lewis at the Guardian said, “The NSA is in your computer. Literally, in the case of 100,000 machines.” Steven Davy at Public Radio International added, “Not connected to the network? Not to worry, the NSA is still watching with#Quantum.”

Speaking of the NSA, Charlie Savage tells us in the New York Times that Snowden will Join Board of Press Freedom Foundation. Wikileaks seemed especially pleased with the development and tweeted: “Today's successful WikiLeaks-NYT #TPP collaboration marks an end to our three year ban on dealing with the NYT.” Melissa Chan at Al Jazeera America said, “NYTimes - @DanielEllsberg on Snowden: ‘He is no more of a traitor than I am, and I am not a traitor.’”

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