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After the furious firestorm that surrounded the original article, The Guardian issues an explanation as to why Emma Gilbey Keller's post on cancer patient Lisa Bonchek Adams was deleted. "'[M]any problems with the article and the way it is presented, both in style and tone' says Guardian readers' editor," shared Mathew Ingram at GigaOm. "Refreshing amount of transparency, self reflection in this Guardian post on the @AdamsLisa + Kellers controversy," AP's Cassandra Vinograd concluded. But freelance journalist John McQuaid remained unmoved: "I'd suggest telling @AdamsLisa you plan to write about her/use her DMs is more journalism 101 than 'compassion'."

At PoynterMark Stencel profiles Brian Krebs, the independent internet security journalist who broke The Target break-in story, among other noteworthy scoops. "What it's like to run a (successful) one person newsroom. Reporter with a niche blog makes a go of it," journalist Jay Rosen summarized. “'Pick a niche…& go for it' -@briankrebs, independent reporter who broke Target story on going solo," NPR's Mark Stencel shared from the story. "Have so much respect for my former wapo colleague @BrianKrebs - such stellar reporting and *resilience*," remarked Amanda Zamora at ProPublica

From the New Statesman, some "welcome" news: the publication has just announced the Wellcome Trust Scholarship, an eight-week paid placement for aspiring science writers from minority backgrounds. "Britain needs more great science writers - and particularly more science writers from backgrounds which have been traditionally under-represented in the media," the post reads. Olivia Solon at Wired called it a "Great initiative."

The Independent is up for sale again, trumpets a headline from The Guardian this morning. Aditya Chakrabortty there reacted, "Well, this doesn't sound good. Like @OliverBullough, I've been struck by the Indie's excellent form of late." Ed Bowsher with MonkeyWeek confessed, "Been a loyal Indy reader since '86, so I hope a buyer is found. If I won 100 million in lottery, I'd be tempted." AFP's Andrew Beatty had a separate reaction: "In which the Guardian puts the knife into the Independent. Stay classy lads, you're not as good as you think you are."

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