The BuzzFeed report

Seems a lot more BuzzFeed stories made their rounds today so here they all are, in one place:

First read 60 Words And A War Without End: The Untold Story Of The Most Dangerous Sentence In American History, of which John Herrman there explained, “How 60 words metastasized into an endless war.” Sid Verma at called it: “How 2 write a headline.”

McKay Coppins tackles Chris Christie's crisis as it Plunges Republican Party Deeper Into The Wilderness. Nick Confessore at the New York Times tweeted: “WaPo, Politico, WSJ report Christie donors unrattled by #bridgegate,@mckaycoppins reports donors ‘jumping ship.’” Stefan Becket at New York Magazine shared this quote from the story: “‘You know what a lot of them say to me? I think we need Mitt back.’ ENDORSE.” Matthew Yglesias with Slate suggested: “Read @mckaycoppins on Christie’s flagging fortunes in the invisible primary.”

And if you’re wondering just How Dennis Rodman Got To North Korea, Rosie Gray’s got you covered. Jjim Waterson called it a “Brilliant tale from @RosieGray of our US team on Dennis Rodman's trips to North Korea.”

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