A bridge (lane closure) too far

On the Christie front, Matt Bai at Yahoo! News tell us he speaks, and looks for lessons. The @GovChristie account tweeted: “I’m trying to get my arms around an awful situation, and understand it, and then address it, and then resolve it. I’m going to learn from this. I can’t tell you yet what it is I’m going to learn. But I'm intent on learning from this.” Garance Franke-Ruta shared more Christie quotes: “‘I’m readier, if that’s a word,’ Christie says on prez. ambitions. Via @mattbai's first @YahooNews column.”

In the New York Times, Michael Barbaro and Bill Carter write, “For Christie and MSNBC, a Messy Divorce Plays Out in Public View.” Mark Leibovich there said, “Love this lede: ‘It was a match made in moderately minded Northeast Corridor heaven.’” Freelancer Dominic Umile had another quote from the story to share: “MSNBC has dedicated nearly twice as much coverage to Mr. Christie as CNN and about three times as much as Fox News.” Paul Lewis at the Guardian breaks it down for us: “1. Christie scandal grows. 2. His team attacks MSNBC as diversion tactic. 3. NY Times turns it into a media story.” Will Bunch at the Philadelphia Daily News added: “Why did Mika Brzezinski spend 15 min. on phone w/ Christie after press conference? -- didn't result in any journalism.”

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