Media Monday

Also in the New York Times, Public Editor Margaret Sullivan discusses the Complaints and Changes following the Times Redesign. Jonathan Wald at Piers Morgan Tonight tweeted: “‘We’ve moved their cheese, and we have to tell them where it is now.’ @Sulliview talks to @nytimes execs re redesign.” Janine Gibson at the Guardian wrote, “.@sulliview on NYT redesign: many gems, not least the designers' shock that people print out the internet.” Gillian Grace from National Post broke it down: “NYT pub editor says #1 reader complaint about site redesign: font is too small. #2. they can't find the print button.”

Related, David Carr tells us of a Publisher Stumbling in Wild Chase for Growth. Gary Nielson with McClatchy Newspapers wrote, “Orange County Register: How an inexperienced publisher went awry pursuing a newspaper print strategy.” Craig Newman at the Chicago Sun-Times said, “@carr2n looks at Aaron Kushner and the Orange Co. Register.” Freelancer David Sheets simplified it: A newspaper success story starts showing signs of failure.”

For more media news, read the Daily Mirror’s Voice of a Generation in which they launch their hunt for trainee to be journalist of tomorrow. Melissa Thompson at there called it a “brilliant opportunity for wannabe journos.” Ian Sherwood at Sky News agreed: “Great opportunity for a young journalist.”

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