Sports desk

Alex Evans's post on Vine (which seems to have been removed) got a few people talking last night. SportsCenter tweeted: “Before the #NFCChampionship game starts. NICK SABAN DOING THE ELECTRIC SLIDE.” Christian Bruey at WFTV Orlando added, “And the internet breaks!!” Must have, cause we couldn’t find the Vine anywhere. Lucky, someone was smart enough to YouTube it.

Meanwhile, Tommy Tomlinson at Forbes had 22 Brief Thoughts About That Richard Sherman Interview. He woke up and wrote, “So while I slept, this thing I wrote about Richard Sherman crossed 1 million pageviews.”  Brian Beutler at Talking Points Memo said, “This looks right.” Freelancer Deborah Blum called the piece: “pretty smart.” Chris Bahn at Arkansas Business shared this quote from the story: “99% of on-field interviews are boring/useless. Networks do them for the 1 % of the time they get Richard Sherman."

Lest we forget about other sports in other parts of the world, the Guardian gives us this less-than-gracious sport picture of the day’s skating runner-up. Mark Lazerus wondered, “Maybe I should cover speedskating in Sochi…” Gary Meenaghan at The National called it a “Great image of a sore loser, courtesy of @guardian_sport's.” Ossian Shine at Reuters tweeted: “Hahahahaha RT @DigGower: Any chance the runner up is Australian?”

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