Around the country

In the Washington Post,  Ben Terris tells us that Mark Begich fights to put Alaska back on the map. Meredith Shiner at Roll Call tweeted this quote from the story: “I think of you every time I draw Alaska, cursing under my breath. Anyway, happy birthday.” Andrew Restuccia at Politico added more more to the list: “‘You have my humble apology for our design flaw’ -- API Prez Jack Gerard after being called out by Sen. Begich.”

Elsewhere in America, the New York Times tells the story of A Movie Date, a Text Message and a Fatal Shot. Ben Hallman from the Huffington Post said, “Retired police officer takes ‘no texting’ sign at theater more seriously than ‘no weapons,’ to tragic result.” Victor Luckerson with Time Magazine wrote, “George Zimmerman's lawyer says the Stand Your Ground law doesn't apply in last week's Florida movie theater shooting.” Adam Feuerstein from The Street called the whole thing “Insane.”

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