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YouTube has a New Video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Drunk and possibly Swearing in Jamaican Patois? Ben Greenman at the The New Yorker explained, “In this burger-restaurant video, Rob Ford is like the Clara Peller of his day,” and added: “After Rob Ford's new video, he should definitely get some kind of acting nomination.” Freelancer Remy Scalza wondered: “What language is that?”

Leo Mirani at Quartz tells us that The biggest land rush in the history of the internet begins on February 4. @QuartzThings tweeted: “Allow us to walk you through all the new top level domain names.” David Yanofsky there explained, “Including .tattoo .buzz and .ninja.” Colleague Tim Fernholz said, “Wal-Mart applied for 一号店 which is Chinese for ‘number one store.’” Lauren Brown, also at Quartz, pointed out the “Incredible interactives and feature on the coming internet land grab.”

And in Gawker, Adrienne LaFrance introduces the occasional column Antiviral: Here Is What's Bullshit on the Internet This Week. Tom Gara at the Wall Street Journal called it, “Gawker's moving tribute to Neetzan, featuring all the stuff he would have posted each week.” Lou Dubois at NBC News thinks it’s “An outstanding concept.” Daniel Victor from the New York Times had even stronger feelings: “Thought it was impossible to love @AdrienneLaF more? So did I. But now she has a column to debunk Internet hoaxes.” And Hunter Walker at Talking Points Memo put it into some perspective: “Thank god we have outlets like Gawker that never post viral bullshit regardless of accuracy.”

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