Big trouble in actual China

Jan 22, 2014

BBC announced that a reporter was 'harassed' at a Chinese activist trial. Daniel Nasaw there explained: “News hero of the day is BBC's Martin Patience, who keeps rolling as undercover Chinese police thugs push him around.” Colleague Matthew Danzico added, “Chinese thugs physically remove a BBC reporter from outside a human rights trial. And the reporter keeps rolling.”

Meanwhile, Michael Hudson at ICIJ (the International Consortium of Investigative Journalism) found Leaked Records that Reveal Offshore Holdings of China’s Elite. @Phantom_Firm tweeted: “I suspect there are a lot of nervous Chinese officials today. @ICIJorg isn't making life easy for world's tax havens.” The Guardian also sheds some light on China's princelings. Apparently, they’re storing riches in Caribbean offshore haven. Isaac Stone Fish at Foreign Policy Magazine pointed out there’s an “Excellent graphic explaining the China princeling storing money in the Caribbean story.”

Best yet, Tania Branigan at the Guardian found out their website was blocked in China after story about leadership's offshore wealth. Michael Calderone from the Huffington Post wrote it’s “...similar to NYT and Bloomberg.” Edward Wong at the New York Times added, “Guardian story on censorship says NYT reporter @austinramzy being forced to leave China by Jan. 30.”

And for one more twist in this story, Nicole Perlroth adds in the New York Times: Chinese Internet Traffic Redirected to Small Wyoming House. Perlroth tweetd, “In one of the more bizarre twists in recent Internet memory, China's web traffic was sent to a house in Wyo. Tuesday.” She also added, “Dear Chinese hackers threatening to retaliate against US gov sites, it may have been your censors fault.” Niraj Chokshi from the Washington Post tweeted this quote from the story: "Much of the Internet traffic in China was redirected to a small, 1700-square-foot house in Cheyenne, Wyo., on Tues."

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