Five reasons Gates Foundation's PR team interacts with journalists on Twitter



PR teams of the past had one person responsible for monitoring the media. In today's social media-centric world, keeping track of an entire team's campaigns, clients and the conversations happening amongst journalists is much more difficult. That's why it's even more important that everyone on any PR team is equipped with the tools to monitor and connect with journalists at just the right time. We recently spoke with Sebastian Majewski, Senior Communications Officer at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to learn more about how they connect with journalists and avoid bottlenecks by empowering everyone on their PR team to be an industry expert.

Why should everyone on your team interact with journalists on Twitter?

1. Get an idea of when it's best to connect with a journalist based on their schedule. 

Journalists are busy people. Take note of when they're most active on social media to better understand how their time is spent.

2. Use your team's different perspectives and experiences to participate in existing online conversations. 

You'll be building credibility for yourself and your company. 

3. Avoid bottlenecks by having individuals use tools for their own initiatives.

One person shouldn't provide all of the data. 

4. Start building personal relationships before you need them.

Social media is just a big, virtual party. Don't ask for a drink right when you walk in. 

5. Listen to all of the relevant conversations, not just those specifically about your brand. Journalists writing about your competitors are just as important. 

Don't miss the conversations that are happening about other people and brands in your space. They are usually just as important for you. 


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