Odds and ends

The New York Times chats with the O.E.D.’s New Chief Editor and got him to open up about the dictionary’s future. @NYTimes tweeted: “The 1st recorded usage of “OMG” came in a 1917 letter to Winston Churchill.” Patrick LaForge there added, “First use of ‘unfriended’ was in 1659.” Ryan Wilson at CBS Sports replied with: “GTFO.” Ted Anthony from the Associated Press took it one step further: “Next: discovery that ‘retweet’ is from Latin ‘repetivi titiare’?”

Also in the Times, Paul Krugman writes that The Washington Post is De-Kleining. Matt Levine from Bloomberg News tweeted this quote from the column: "Just a feeling, based on extrapolation from some other cases I know about." Eric Umansky from ProPublica added one more Krugman quote: "’May I say respectfully to the Post: You idiots!’ - Krugman, on Ezra's exit.”

Over on CNBC, they’ve put together a list of the First 25: The Contenders. Amanda Drury there tweeted: “@CNBC created a list of 200 leaders, icons, rebels of the last 25 years. Help us narrow the list to 25.” Colleague Scott Cohn added: “When we launched @CNBC in '89, the first web browser was still 5 yrs away. Does Mark Andreesen make the #CNBC25 list?”

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