Ledes for the lighthearted

Then The Wall Street Journal gifted us with a brief photo essay depicting how many people have wiped out in the slushy hazard that is currently 5th Avenue. We're a little concerned for the ankle of the woman shown in very last photo in the group (click through to see for yourself)! Many were amused, but others were ... well, not. New York Observer's Colin Campbell painted it this way: "photographer observes pain and suffering." ProPublica's Marian Wang was equally unenthused. "This is super mean, I don't even understand why anyone would do this. Yay journalism." Joel Pavelski at the New York Post confessed in the same vein, "This is my worst nightmare. Not falling - but falling and having my picture posted everywhere by jerks."

From Adrienne LaFrance at Gawker, here's what turned out to be BS on the Internet for this week. Can we make this a routine ritual? ... Oh, wait. That's exactly the idea. "Essential new @AdrienneLaF column since everything good on the Internet is terrible and fake," commented Michael Katz at SB Nation. The response from New York TimesRoy Furchgott was more incredulous: "Interesting. Internet debunker Snopes gets a companion in ... Gawker?"

And speaking of BS, we can't help but notice that many of you remain enraptured with last night's latest installment in the saga that is Justin Bieber: his reported arrest for drag racing and a DUI in Miami Beach. And of course TMZ has the video. "Justin Bieber now officially a parody of reckless, self-absorbed, un-parented child celebrity," concluded NYT's Michael Barbaro." 

And from The Guardian, a prediction: Move over, quinoa, Ethiopia's teff is poised to be next big super grain.

And because The Onion is always good for a laugh, here's their popular contribution to the twitterwaves of journalism for today: Woman Takes Short Half-Hour Break From Being Feminist To Enjoy TV Show. "It's called *hatewatching,* Onion," ProPublica's Marian Wang corrected. 

When in doubt, keep calm and read The Onion.

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