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For all you British journos and anglophiles alike, we have a brief round-up this morning of popular headlines from across the ocean. Evidently a fan of Manchester United dialed England's emergency number 999, requesting to speak to former team manager Sir Alex Ferguson after a defeat. Well, that sounds like an emergency to us! "Man United fans stoop to a new low," was the suggested secondary headline from Dan Lloyd at the Times.

And from Buzzfeed, here's a definitive ranking of London tube lines, which includes the allegation that "Edgware Road is where the promise of a better future goes to die.” "Can't find fault with this ranking of tube lines by @flashboy. Sticks up for the central line, too - brave position,"Wired UK's Tom Cheshire praised the article's writer Tom Phillips. Telegraph's Tom Chivers strongly disagreed, though: "SO MUCH WRONG with @flashboy's Tube rankings 1) why isn't Victoria No1? 2) The Central isn't the backbone. The Vic is." Phillips' colleague at Buzzfeed Alan White  helpfully entreated readers, "Make sure you share YOUR opinion with him. Forcefully. He'll love that."



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