Another questionable Hillary cover

Surely, you saw the New York Times Magazine’s ridiculous Planet Hillary cover yesterday (it was the other thing making the rounds besides Bieber’s mugshot). Today, the mag explains How Our Hillary Clinton Cover Came About. Luke Kerr-Dineen at Golf Digest thinks it’s “So cool!” He might be the only one. Deborah Gage at the Wall Street Journal wrote, “Poor Hillary…” John Carney with CNBC said, “These seven photos explain how the weirdest magazine cover of the year actually got made.” Amy Fiscus at the Associated Press tweeted from the story: “‘Similar to the man-in-the-moon image from the 1902 silent film Le Voyage Dans la Lune. OH OK GOT IT.” Jon Seff at Macworld gave it to us straight: “Nice try. Still a terrible cover. And those things don't orbit planets.”

As with all things on the internet, there were plenty of reaction roundups but we’ll only share the one we got to be a part of. From the LadyBits team: That Time the Times ‘Shopped Hillary into a Testicle.

To continue our take on the most ridiculous in news, here’s where MSNBC interrupts a Congresswoman for report on Justin Bieber. Jay Rosen wrote, “There you are, interviewing a Congresscritter, and a voice in your ear says: Interrupt! we're cutting live to Bieber.” Sid Verma from said, “This is like a bad parody of the news.” Elise Hu with NPR reminded us we’re still living in “Amuricuh.”

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