Our country something something

The Daily Beast’s Josh Rogin reports that the U.S. is Investigating Dennis Rodman for Busting Sanctions. Natasha Zouves from 10 News San Diego explained, “US investigating whether Dennis Rodman violated the law when he brought $10K in birthday presents to Kim Jong Un.” Jason Seher at CNN tweeted: “Did Dennis Rodman violate U.S. law by bring whiskey on his NK trip? @joshrogin to discuss on #TheLead w/ @jaketapper.”

And Politico goes back to what we all know and love...lists. Behold The States of Our Union … Are Not All Strong. Adam Serwer at MSNBC said (with what we’ll assume was confusion), “New Jersey is number 12 on Politico's list of best states.” Justin Gray at Cox Media pointed out, “#Georgia near the bottom at 42 in this @politico ranking.” Ryu Spaeth at The Week Magazine wrote, “Waiting for @politico to seed states and bracket them for ultimate U.S. tournament of death.” Matthew Yglesias at Slate got this from the list: “Important victory for cold over hot here.” Dylan Scott at Talking Points Memo got his own take-away: “I've lived in the 24th, 34th and 40th worst states. Maybe I need to reevaluate my life choices.”

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