A Sochi situation

This week's New Yorker cover is rather perfect and we’ll continue looking at it in the days leading up to the the Olympics (they start Feb. 7). J duLac at the Washington Post said of the image: “Triple Lutz, maximum lulz.” Nick Carbone at Time Magazine pointed out: “This should've been the SNL parody this weekend.” Hear that, Seth Meyers?

Meanwhile, the BBC has news that Sochi's mayor said there are no gay people in the city. Daniel Nasaw there explained, “...But @BBCPanorama visited a gay bar there.” Shaun Walker at the Guardian called it: “Another triumph for Russia's Olympic PR effort!” Naira Davlashyan at AFP wondered: “Should I invite him to Mayak?” While Brent Goff with Deutsche Welle TV looked at the bright side: “If #Sochi is attacked by terrorists, we now know no gays will die.”

Leave it to BuzzFeed to put a numerical spin on this situation. Here are their 16 Eye-Popping Examples Of Alleged Corruption At The Sochi Olympics. BuzzFeed’s staff seemed quite taken with the report and lauded it accordingly on Twitter: Evan McMorris-Santoro wrote, “Big ups to BuzzFeed’s resident Russian speaker @maxseddon for his international scoop this.” Benny Johnson said, “The scope of political corruption and graft at Sochi is simply jaw-dropping.” Alex Campbell added, “Some classic construction up-bidding in here.”

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