A tale of two Koreas

Jan 27, 2014

The LA Times has a story about meth in North Korea. Julie Makinen there tweeted: “@barbarademick talks to a dealer from the Hermit Kingdom.” Max Fisher said, “This story about North Korean meth usage sounds crazy, but it's @BarbaraDemick reporting so I believe it.” Freelancer José Martinez tweeted this from the story: “If you go to somebody's house it is a polite way to greet somebody by offering them a sniff." Tim Fernholz at Quartz added, “If marijuana is called ‘mouth tobacco’ in North Korea, what are they doing with regular tobacco?”

Meanwhile the New York Times found out that In South Korea, Spam Is the Stuff Gifts Are Made Of. Motoko Rich there tweeted: “Easily best quote in NYT today, ‘Spam is a classy gift you can give to people you care about during the holiday.’” Colleague Elaine Sciolino shouted (we imagine), “Let's Hear It for SPAM!” Anup Kaphle at the Washington Post said, “In economically vibrant South Korea, Spam -- pink bricks of pork shoulder and ham -- have taken on a bit of glamour.” Kathy Novak from SBS World News explained, “I thought Pinoys were Spam's top customers... Turns out Koreans love it more.”


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