Around America

Also at BuzzFeed, Ruby Cramer writes: "Ready For Hillary" Takes Iowa, With Mixed Results. She also tweeted, “A preview of problems that'll come up for Ready for Hillary (& possibly HRC) as the grp spends more time in states.” Maggie Haberman at Politico wondered: “Why is @rubycramer so good?” Brian Fung from the Washington Post tweeted from the story: "If Ready for Hillary wants to build support, it should help Iowa Democrats win races this year.”

Elsewhere in the country, New York Times’ Frank Runyeon goes Inside City’s Water Tanks and finds Layers of Neglect.Tom Gara at the Wall Street Journal explained, “Turns out New York tap water is basically just a frothing slurry of decomposing bird poo.” Marie-Joelle Parent at the Toronto Sun finds this “Troubling.” Brian Solomon at Forbes would rather not know: “Damn it, @nytimes. Don't you know ignorance is bliss?”

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