Featured journalist: Brittany Hite

We'll start off this week of featured journalists by spotlighting Brittany Hite, the Online Editor at the Beijing bureau of the Wall Street Journal! Previously based in Hong Kong and New York for the WSJ, Hite writes for and edits the well-read China Real Time blog. Additionally, she edits the WSJA's Road Warrior travel column, which features Q&As with executives who travel frequently within Asia.

But Hite got her start as a reporter for a weekly financial newsletter covering the syndicated loan market (although she was also editor in chief of her high school paper). Since joining the WSJ, she counts her proudest moment in journalism as helping to coordinate, edit and publish our online breaking coverage of the 2011 tsunami in Japan. Her Muck Rack portfolio is rife with other engaging headlines about Asia, as well, with a special focus on China, of course. We were especially interested in "The Science Behind the Tingling of Sichuan Peppercorns," having previously lived in Sichuan ourselves! (Those peppercorns are not to be underestimated, by the way. Like sticking a battery to your tongue!)

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