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China is determined to oust a correspondent for The New York Times, while continuing to block other journalists at The Times and also Bloomberg News from reporting in Beijing. That correspondent, by the way, is Austin Ramzy. "And now we reenter the China-watcher period, where journos based outside China guess at reality? Big step backwards," rightly observed Mara Hvistendahl, herself an Asia correspondent for Science Magazine. Beijing bureau chief Barbara Demick of the LA Times had a similar reaction: "Looks like New York Times' China coverage is gradually moving to Taipei. A backward trend for all involved." But ProPublica's Marian Wang perhaps put it best with this analogy, tweeting, "Mood ring : 5th grade girl :: visa process : China."

A harrowing read from the Wall Street Journal indicates that as news websites proliferate, the chance for advertising profits dwindles. Breaking it down, Guardian's Heidi Moore tweeted, "Analyst suggests @ezraklein move and others are evidence of a bubble in digital journalism ventures." But Joshua Benton at Nieman Lab argued, "Hard to argue 'more news sites' is in the top, I dunno, 30 reasons why ad prices are dropping, I think." At Mother Jones, Clara Jeffery had a different quibble: "Why are all most of the ad industry sources of banal observations in this piece anonymous?"

Plus, an update from Nate Silver on FiveThirtyEight's plans to relaunch "early this year."

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