Spotlight newsroom: Entrepreneur Magazine

Today we are taking a quick peek at Entrepreneur Magazine, the North American publication carrying news stories about entrepreneurialism, small business management, and business opportunities. Top tweeters there include Amy CosperEditor-in-Chief (of course!); Emily PriceContributor; Catherine CliffordSenior Writer; Jason FellManaging Editor of; Brian EhaAssistant Editor; and last but not least, Kim Lachance ShandrowContributing Writer (and also a freelance journalist).

Meanwhile, today's most active journo from that newsroom is contributor Price, while its top two trending articles include one by managing editor Fell ("TELL US: What's Your Most Important Morning Habit?") and one by assistant editor Eha ("Does Google's Buying Spree Mean the Robot Apocalypse Is Near?"). Both look like good morning reads to us!

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