State of our union

Jan 29, 2014

Last night, President Obama gave his 2014 State of the Union address. If you missed it, or if you need to reference anything, Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post put together full text of the speech.

Of course, there were plenty of Biden screengrabs to go around. Cillizza said of the one at left: “Everything you need to know about American politics is contained in this picture.”

We especially liked this photoshop job the internet was kind enough to provide. It seems to have originated with @nick_pants but it took off when Amanda Rykoff shared it with “#TweetOfTheNight.”

Once you’re done laughing about the Pharrell hat, turn to NY1 to see how Rep. Grimm Threatened NY1 reporter Michael Scotto Following the State of the Union. Todd Bishop at GeekWire tweeted: “Yikes.”

Here’s the full story on that from Sarah Wheaton at the New York Times: Rep. Michael Grimm Physically Threatens a NY1 Reporter. Jeff Roberts at PaidContent shared this quote from the story: "According to a transcript .. Mr. Grimm also threatened to throw Mr. Scotto off a [f**ing] balcony.”

Turns out, Grimm did release a statement about the kerfuffle today, but as the The Fix points, it wasn’t quite what you’d expect: “Oh, Michael Grimm. This is not the right response. Like, at all.”

And for a real jaw-dropper, read this tweet from Texas representative Randy Weber: “On floor of house waitin on ‘Kommandant-In-Chef’... the Socialistic dictator who's been feeding US a line or is it ‘A-Lying?’” As you can imagine, our journalists were all over it. Here are some of their best reactions:

  • Paul DeBenedetto, DNAinfo: “Tweets from an idiot.”
  • Igor Volsky, ThinkProgress: “Uh! Why can't Obama just sit down & work w/ Congress?!”
  • Sam Stein, Huffington Post: “I had to check if this was one of those fake member of congress twitter accounts. It's not.”
  • James Downie, Washington Post: “Go home, Congressman, you're drunk.”
  • Blake Hounshell, Politico: “Hard to say what is the best part of this tweet. I think it is ‘Chef.’"
  • Spencer Ackerman, Guardian: “Kommandant in Chef would be an incredibly dark Food Network show that I would probably still watch.”
  • Aman Batheja, Texas Tribune: “This tweet from TX Rep Randy Weber has drawn 750+ retweets. And the replies to @TXRandy14 = brutal.”

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