Money, money, money

Jan 30, 2014

Ben White from Politico just penned the eloquently named elucidation "Why the Rich Are Freaking Out," or as White teased it on Twitter, "The nation's wealthiest, denizens of the loftiest slice of the 1 percent, appear to be having a collective meltdown." Its intimations are pretty amusing, and, well, horrifying. Here's one choice set-up from the piece: "The co-founder of one the nation’s oldest venture capital firms fears a possible genocide against the wealthy." Really? Heidi Moore had a chuckle over at The Guardian: "A fun game is to pretend this nice @morningmoneyben piece abt wealth anxiety was written on eve of French Revolution." Poynter's Andrew Beaujon surmised, "best reason ever to grant a source anonymity."

And from the Wall Street Journal, responses continue to flood the Journal in response to Tom Perkins' letter to the editor (you know, the one that compared Nazi Germany's war on its one percent [the Jews] to the progressive war on the American one percent?). The WSJ calls its reflection Perkinsnacht (insert obligatory promise that this is not a headline from The Onion). Sensing a Watergate trend swelling, Buzzfeed's John Herrman groans, "sure, let's just 'nacht' everything." Caitlin Kelly at The New Yorker worried, "No but seriously guys I think someone should contact headline's next of kin." Politico's Alex Burns bristled, "Icing on the cake of this WSJ editorial: non sequitur slamming the Sulzberger family."

WSJ also proffered this piece on the persisting chop shops of Wall Street, two decades after the reign of "The Wolf." Christine Harper there teased, "Coming up on @BloombergTV -- @ZekeFaux talks about the Wolf -- I mean Platypus -- of Wall Street." It's a romp of a read.

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