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Ever wondered what it looks like when Toronto mayor (internet laughingstock) Rob Ford gets tickled? Well, wonder no more.

Washington Post’s Steven Overly reports that LivingSocial lost $183 million last year. Goodbye to those live events.

We’re all about maps around here, especially those that lead us to our favorite beverages. Here’s one that  names London tube stations by the best coffee shop nearby. Sounds great. Who’s getting started on a NYC one, then?

Environmentalists, get ready to be disappointed by the State Department’s forthcoming Keystone pipeline report.

The Guardian released footage of that time its editors had to destroy Snowden hard drives under the watchful gaze of two British government technicians. Alex Koppelman there had a suggestion: “I won't blame you if you play Lee Greenwood while watching.” Jason Abbruzzese at Mashable had another: “Can somebody put ‘Damn It Feels Good to be a Gangsta’ over video of the Guardian destroying Snowden computers.”

Go on a tour of the United Nations Lounge with New Republic’s Noreen Malone, who did a bit of Drinking with Diplomats. David Kenner at Foreign Policy Magazine liked this bit from the piece: "...either the world’s most fun conference room or its least sexy-looking nightclub."

And just to make you feel extra comfortable ahead of any weekend travel you might be doing, just know Politico’s seen us all naked. Or rather, the TSA has, and uselessly for that matter, in these confessions from an ex-TSA agent. Teymoor Nabili shared from the story: "We knew the full-body scanners didn’t work before they were even installed."


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