Football weekend in America

Getting the ball rolling on another round of “alternative journalism jokes”, Joshua Keating wonders How would we cover the Super Bowl if it were in another country? aloud in Slate. Paul Sawers at The Next Web endorsed it with: “Quite good this.”

Regardless of which team you’re rooting for come Sunday, apparently, The Simpsons predicted the Super Bowl back in 2005. At least that’s what this photo and BuzzFeed seem to think.

As Super Bowl weekend is finally upon us, let’s also talk about all the other sports. Wall Street Journal shares that Youth Participation Weakens in Basketball, Football, Baseball, Soccer. Andrew Grossman there said, “Did youth sports get too organized, too serious? One explanation for a drop in participation.” Colleague Sara Germano added this quote from the story: "I considered doing track, but it takes up so much time.”

And shedding some light on why kids are leaving sports (Twitter’s just more fun!), Sir Patrick Stewart and his BFF Ian McKellen reminded us how silly this whole “Football!” thing really is. Brian Hernandez at Mashable admitted, “How I feel about the Super Bowl sometimes, too.” Phil Plait at Slate was driven, likely by the overwhelming cuteness, to switch over to “TEAM MCKELLEN.”

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