Football in America

Even if you weren’t watching the Super Bowl, or the commercials, you surely know the outcome. At Yahoo! Sports, Dan Wetzel writes that Peyton Manning leaves crushing Super Bowl loss with reputation intact. Wetzel tweeted: “After a miserable, haunting night, this was Peyton Manning.” Colleague Eric Adelson added, “Wetz doesn't miss a thing.”

Ever hilarious, the Onion came out today with Super Bowl Confetti Made Entirely From Shredded Concussion Studies.

Also full of jokes, USA Today admitted on Twitter, “Joe Namath inspired tonight's version of our logo.”

If you’re not sure what they’re talking about, here’s BuzzFeed's thorough explanation of that coat and the how the internet reacted to it.

If that’s too much joy for you, here’s what @tannercurtis thinks is the “Saddest photo of the #SuperBowl.” But if you were rooting for Denver, this one might  be worse.

And since no major even seems complete without an amazing @SirPatStew twitpic, the man does not disappoint. Matthew Hall at U-T San Diego wrote, “Guys, I think I found the ACTUAL 12th man.” While Kris Vera-Phillips with NBC Bay Area added, “Hell yah!”

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