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Thursday's Question of the Day asked … "America Held Hostage" was a program originally created to follow the Iranian hostage crisis from 1979 to 1980. It later evolved into what program that became a staple in nightly news programming? That would be ABC's Nightline.

Congratulations again to repeat winner Edward Tenner on being the very first to tweet the answer correctly! Felicitations also go out to NYT's Thomas Feyer@alinterpretatioMarty RayJeanne KirkMarketWatch's Jennifer WatersMichelle P. EvansSandi Mulconry, Yahoo! News's Dan Tynan (we were happy to see you tweet, too, Dan!), Pittsburgh Magazine's Cindi LashGary Metzker, syndicated columnist Margo Howard, freelance journalist Amy ZipkinDubuque Telegraph Herald's Jim WinterCarrie Gray, and Op-Ed editorial assistant Jennifer Mascia.

Your question of the day for today is: In the 1700s, this journalist published the New York Weekly Journal, where his incendiary reporting on the British government led to his arrest and trial. After being found not guilty (because what he wrote was verifiably true!), he not only helped influence the American Revolution, but established one of the first litmus tests for libel. To whom do we owe this honor?

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