Featured journalist: Josh Rhoten

Featured journalist: Josh Rhoten

Today we are pleased to feature a ... feature reporter! By which we mean Josh Rhoten, a features writer at the Wyoming Tribune Eagle. Born in California, raised and schooled in Colorado, and now living in the great state of Wyoming, Rhoten covers the arts and leisure beat for the Tribune daily newspaper. He also manages and contributes to various social media accounts for that publication. Rhoten also happens to have a mint condition typewriter that he uses when he's "feeling poetic." He writes, "I sometimes take it to coffee shops and sit next to Mac Book users."

Rhoten has also received several accolades for his work: these include one from the Wyoming Press Association for an account of Cheyenne's homeless, a Top of the Rockies first-place award for sports coverage, and another from the Inland Press Association. You can read some of his award-winning coverage in his portfolio, which includes the teasingly titled "Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we'll be dry" exploring the surprising history of the Prohibition in Cheyenne. The advice Rhoten gives aspiring journalists: "Write and read everyday."

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