Modern media matters

Romenesko found out that students are tired of hearing there’s never been a better time to be a journalist thanks to this Journalist guest speaker cliche bingo.

But proving that new media is a very real thing, and taking over every day, BuzzFeed released their Style Guide. Katherine Haddon at AFP shared: “?! never !?, fangirl not fan girl.” Will Oremus at Slate pointed out, “The @BuzzFeed style guide inexplicably fails to resolve crucial smh-vs.-smdh controversy.” Jeremy Owens at San Jose Mercury News had stronger feelings: “Nothing anyone could write would be more of a hate-read for me than a Buzzfeed style guide. Lo, it exists.”

And in a surprise move (or not), Brad Plumer is leaving the Washington Post to join Ezra Klein's Vox Venture. Alison Fitzgerald at the Center for Public Integrity tweeted: “OUCH!”

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